Vilnius Machine Learning Workshop

Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning and Causal Inference

29-30 July 2021, Virtual Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius Machine Learning Workshop (VMLW) is a two-day workshop aimed to popularise topics related to Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning and Causal Inference among students and practitioners. It is organised as a satellite event to EEML summer school. The overall goal of these events is to support the Machine Learning community in Eastern Europe.

Location: ONLINE in Virtual Vilnius


Registration is free and mandatory.

Please express your interest in attending the workshop before 26th of July 2021, by filling in the registration form page!

Confirmed speakers

Andrew Jesson

University of Oxford

Brady Neal

Mila, Université de Montréal

Virginia Aglietti

University of Warwick

Zi Wang

Google Brain

Preliminary Schedule:


  • Dovydas Čeilutka

  • Jev Gamper

  • Linas Petkevičius

  • Razvan Pascanu, EEML & DeepMind

  • Viorica Patraucean, EEML & DeepMind



If you are interested in sponsoring our workshop, please get in touch at to find out more about the benefits available for sponsors.